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Krzysztof Tyc and Scott M. Rodell

Two handed dao practice


Krzysztof Tyc and Scott M. Rodell at work.


Picture from the recent Seminar in Poland. Courtesy of Great River Taoist Centre, Polish Branch :

Yanmaodao with backedge

On the drawing board......are designs for medium weight yanmaodao, liuyedao and duandao. These are in the Transitional style of grip fittings, a style which is commonly thought to have developed between the Fangshi style, and the Yuanshi style of the Qing Dinasty.:


Also in this medium weight range, are plans for a Ming style jian and a Qing style jian. Medium weight daojian have the.advantage of being easier for novices who are not used to full weight, and less tiring for experienced practitioners who want to practice for extended periods.

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